Team building games your team will love

Image Representing The Team Building Game Concept.

We want more games

What would you give to have your employee say “we want more games” from “oh no… Save me from these games”. Team building activities are often seen as boring but are actually supposed to be both enjoyable and educational. They help the team know more about each other and help them get along by understanding how each person in the team thinks, solves problems and works.

Some ideas for team activities

Game of possibilities
An object is given to a person from each group. One by one, a person from the group has to go and show a use for that object while the rest of the team guesses what the player is trying to show. The one demonstrating is not allowed to speak and his or her actions must be original. This activity enhances creativity and innovation.

Image Showing A Fun Element of Throw Ball Game.

Scavenger hunt
Form groups of two or more. Make a list of funny as well as challenging tasks and handed over to each team. These tasks can be anything from taking a selfie with a complete stranger or clicking a picture of any object in the office etc. Which ever team complete maximum number of tasks the fastest will be the winner. This activity encourages bonding amongst colleagues.

The perfect square
Get your employees to stand in a circle holding a piece of rope now ask everyone to wear their blindfold and place the rope on the floor. Ask them to move away or walk a short distance away from the circle. Now get everybody to come back and try to form a square with the rope. The blindfolds cannot be removed yet. It can get fun if a time limit is set. You can also ask some team members to stay silent. This activity brings out communication and leadership skills.

Get ready to plan your next team outing

Now, with these fun activities up your sleeve, when are you going out with your employees next?

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