Cancer cure through mobile games? Interesting!

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Anderson Diagnostics opinion on cancer cure

Games are so much fun to play and entertaining. They are often addictive and take us entirely to another world. It was used to be considered a waste of time and energy, but not anymore. Scientists, researchers, and software developers have come together to create games that could tackle real world problems. Let’s welcome the Cancer’s gamification where they have come up with a whole new game that tests not only the player’s ability and hand-eye collaboration but also train, teach and allow them to contribute to the research. Read More to know if cancer cure will ever be found.

There are many ways to diagnose cancer and one such way is the Anderson Diagnostics. They have more improved and developed methods and one should get it tested in the cancer centre like MD Anderson to keep the disease at bay.

Children with cancer are given drugs which make them dull and tired and are assured that their disease will be cured. This method will mostly not work and it would be hard for the kids to stick to the therapies. But coming up with a game, where the kids are put on the battlefield inside the human body fighting against the disease, where the cancer cells and chemotherapy drugs labor out for mastery and control may encourage them to continue with the therapy.

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There were few disapprovals and lot of discouragements. But it came into recognition in the year 2006 with Re-Mission releasing with whole new concept and idea. The outline of the game is that the gamer fights cancer inside the human body at cellular levels. After research, it was proved that children and young adults who played Re-Mission were most likely to take the chemotherapy session than the players who played ordinary games just for entertainment purposes. It has been researched and proved that cancer gamification activates positive emotions and enhance their attitude towards their daily struggle with the deadly disease. There has also seen an improvement in managing the pain, tolerating the treatment and general disease adherence.

Anderson Diagnostics Opinions On Video Games And Cancer Treatment

Video games are useful in healing the body as it takes away the concentration and focus from one point to another. So the researchers have come up with a few games to combat cancer. One such game is the Nutwarz. It is a free mobile game which is available in the Android and Apple devices. It was developed by a group of college students which helps the patients to understand the treatment in a better way. The player in the game controls the good cells in the body and defeats the cancer cells using the cancer-fighting weapons which are mostly medication and chemotherapy.

Another game Genes in Space developed by Guerilla Tea also came up with a smart and innovative game that could help advance cancer research. These games are raised more to awareness purpose or assist in research and also help ease cancer patients. It is indeed a very good step that the researchers want to address the real world problems than just making it for entertainment purposes.

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The world’s first free mobile game for cancer Play to Cure: Genes in Space is a game where the players scan real genetic data to beat cancer. From the present DNA analysis techniques, the tumor samples are declaimed which contains the troughs and peaks are likely to port the genetic abnormalities which are then modified into intergalactic terrain. As the players pass through the terrain, they detect a course that reveals the scientists low and high. It is then the player’s course plot is sent for interpretation.

The game Play to Cure: Genes in Space was developed in the year 2013 by a team of cancer researchers. The game is based in the year 2594 and the players are employed for the Bifrost Industries. The aim of the player is to collect as many element alphas as possible. It is a small budget fun game which can be easily downloaded in both IOS and Android mobile phones to ease the stress of cancer patients.

So if someone near you or your loved ones finding it hard in the cancer journey, you can introduce them to new mobile cancer games, so that they may find comfort and are encouraged to fight the deadly disease. What’s more, it can be dealt from the comfort of your home on their own mobile device.

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