Terms of Use

E Amalgame has always kept the privacy of its users at the highest. To protect this privacy, we wrote down these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We advise our browsers to read through the policy before using the site. The continued use of the website is taken as implicit consent to the terms. If you do not agree to part or the entire policy, please stop using the site immediately. The terms and conditions listed here may change in the future. We ask our readers to re-read through the policy if such an alteration occurs.

We collect data through your use of our website. The first kind of information is obtained automatically via technology like cache and cookies. Some of the data that we may gather is the name of the internet service provider and the type of browser your use. This data cannot be used to identify you. The second kind of information we collect is called personal data, and it can be used to identify you. This information may include name, gender, age, phone number, physical address, details of debit or credit card. We gather this personal data directly from the user.

We shall do our best to protect the data. We shall not share the information with a third party until the user consents to it or the law demands it. We use the data to provide a better experience for our users and to offer specific services. We shall only use the information for lawful purposes.