Security Measures You Need To Take Care For Your Gaming Apps.

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Things To Know About Protecting Your Gaming Apps

Today people love to play the latest video games in their mobile apps. Thus they download video game apps from the Internet. Several companies and individuals develop gaming apps. It is essential for developers to protect the gaming app by offering patent and trademark protection. Gaming apps are, of course, a valuable intellectual property developed to earn money.  You must be aware of the trademark and copyright laws and policies to avoid infringement of the copyright. This prevents the use of the idea and creative work of a particular gaming app to be used by others. Thus creating a video game app based on the existing patented video game app is illegal. 

The following are some of the things to be known about trademark, patent and copyright policies and laws. 

Copyright Protection For Gaming Apps

Copyright protect art and literary works of individuals. Copyright also protects a wide variety of various creative tasks like website, video gaming apps, etc. The code of your gaming app comes under the category of literary work which can be copyrighted. The gaming app code is automatically copyrighted once it is saved in the hard drive. It is possible to strengthen copyright protection by following some simple steps. Protecting Intellectual Property Rights in the Virtual Gaming.First, the copyright notices are put on the work and then register the copyright. Check Out about the video games and law. The art and sound of your gaming app come under the category of audiovisual work. There are several benefits of copyrighting your gaming app. A copyright protected video gaming app cannot be duplicated by others. The copyright registration process for your gaming app is simple, and it is an essential requirement when you go for infringement action

Copyright offers legal protection to your creative idea, and others can not use it. It takes almost a year to receive the legal copyright for your gaming app. It is a simple process, and it costs less than $35. Copyright protection does not protect the gaming app against independent creation. 

Patent Protection For Gaming Apps 

The gaming apps developed can be patented based on the nature of the invention and the skill of the developer. The gaming app should be new, unique, novel, and distinct so that it is eligible for applying for a patent. The utility patent for gaming app offers protection to the functions of the app. It is essential that you make sure if the gaming app requires patent registration. It takes nearly two years to obtain a patent, and it cost almost $15000.The app developer must ensure if the commercial prospect of the gaming app would meet out the patenting cost. The patent application for gaming app must be submitted before one year of the public disclosure of your app. 

A design patent of the gaming app is issued for the icon and user interface of the gaming app. The design patent for your gaming app is valid for fifteen years. Thus no other individual or company can make use of the patented gaming icon and user interface. The cost of a design patent is less than the utility patent, and it cost less than $2500. The design patent protects the elements of the graphical user interface of the gaming app. 

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Trademark Protection For Gaming Apps

One can go for trademark registration for protecting the name and appearance of the gaming icon. Before applying for trademark registration, make sure that the name of the gaming app you choose is unique. This would prevent infringement claims. It takes almost one year to complete the trademark registration process. The cost for the trademark registration of your gaming app is about $1500. Some of the significant benefits of trademark registration are listed below.

  • You’re the sole owner of your mark
  • Enjoy exclusive right to make use of your mark.
  • You hold the rights to make use of the trademark symbol
  • It helps other developers to avoid using your mark

The above offer insights Trademark, patent, and copyright registration laws, policies, and procedure for protecting gaming apps. 

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