The progress in the field of information technology through designing features that has been borrowed from games was referred to as gamification. It was noted that this lead to a drastic development in the world of academics and industry. The ultimate aim of gamification is to increase the user’s motivation towards the role of technology. This will in turn raise the quantity and quality of all activities.

Many business analysts hold a view that more than half of the administrations will be using gamification in their works by the year 2015. Many researches carried out in the field of academics, proved that gamification will be a beneficial approach which will lead to increase in the need of the users and thereby increase the engagement of participants in all activities. But many studies also proved that the implementation of gamifications were not proper because of insufficient information available regarding the gamification design. The online gaming site developments method faces the following difficulties.

  •         The origin of innovation- Since the gaming activites have complicated procedures it is difficult to adapt to other environments.
  •         It is a difficult job to understand the motivational information system. It involves a lot of psychological understanding.

Thus shortage in the information system discourages many organisations to adopt designing gamifications systems. It was found that only limited numbers of sources which explain the methodological insights are available in design gamifications. Most of the models are derived from existing experiments rather than theoretical concepts. Thus it is the duty of all specialists to make some advancement in the design information for better understanding. It is important to have adequate knowledge on the game domain to secure the desired results. Firstly you will have to make sure you gain some knowledge about the game before playing it. Some games will focus only on the fun factor ignoring the educational content.

The effectiveness of a game is not only on how they appear but also depends on how they represent things to the learners. Games are widely played by people belonging to different sectors like healthcare, military, education, corporate, etc. There is only limited number of methodologies available to understand a game. The main reason behind this limited number is that it involves high levels of creativity. It is necessary to have a good relationship with game developers and domain experts for development purposes. Educational games will help you secure knowledge through processes like problem solving. Many specialists hold a view that the fun factor of game elements should be considered as the first preference.

Thus to furnish a rich gaming environment you should adopt pedagogical and psychological practices. You are asked to solve problems to move to the next level. You can only use tools that are available in the lower levels. The learning happens by using alternative mechanisms like puzzles, quizzes and mini games in addition to the main game. A game called “Clean World” was created to create awareness among the users on the environmental problems.


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