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Game Designers: The New Inevitable Career Trend

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Game testing jobs- Highest paid jobs in the world

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Cancer cure through mobile games? Interesting!

Anderson Diagnostics opinion on cancer cure Games are so much fun to play and entertaining. They are often addictive and take us entirely to another

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When designing a family entertainment room, you want to select pieces that work for all members of your family. For example, if you have teenagers

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Even the best of strategists will be at crossroads when it comes to which strategy will perform for a company unless they test it. Testing

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Gaming Grows

A significant part of the entertainment industry Video games have become a significant player in the entertainment industry across the world. Recent numbers sure that the video game sector in Britain is quite big. In fact bigger than both home video and music combined. With access to smart phones, consoles Continue Reading

Are you a gaming fanatic? Here are some tips

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What’s trending in Game Design

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality This one did take off well and millions of people took to it. And although there has been a slowdown, Pokémon GO did show us how people who didn’t even know each other and were not even into gaming could collaborate to play an augmented Continue Reading

Cancer cure through mobile games? Interesting!

Anderson Diagnostics opinion on cancer cure Games are so much fun to play and entertaining. They are often addictive and take us entirely to another world. It was used to be considered a waste of time and energy, but not anymore. Scientists, researchers, and software developers have come together to Continue Reading

Enhance your Game development skills

Where do you start? Start focusing on very small projects and slowly and steadily aim bigger as you build your skills. The trick is to improve and get better with each and every project that you do. Did you know that the company which made Angry Birds made 51 unknown Continue Reading

How do Coding Games Help In Improving Programming Skills?

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Skills Of A Professional Video Game Designer

Video games are becoming popular in recent years. It is known for its entertainment and fun. Video games are designed and built using various programming languages. It is not easy to develop a video game without excellent coding skills. Thus a professional video game designer should possess specific skills to Continue Reading

Conquer the Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

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Excel at Game development

Market is growing The market for game development is not only expanding it is also becoming very competitive. While it’s easy to move into this field, not everyone can sustain. One can succeed only with failures and it applies to the gaming field too. Be passionate about your goals Goals Continue Reading